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Roadwire Seat Heaters and Accessories

Seat Heaters and Accessories

Add Seat Heaters....

Seat Heater*Soothing Lower Back Relief
*Warms the Back and Seat Areas Gently
*Provides Warmth In Minutes
*Relax in the comfort of a heated seat. Our Therapeutic Seat Heater features temperature control at the touch of a finger, and separate sensors for the back and cushion.

Designed for high reliability and safety, the Therapeutic Seat Heater provides so much comfort, you'll wonder how you got along without it!

Adjustable Lumbar Support...

Lumbar SupportSlip into something more comfortable!

Whether you're driving across country or just across town, you can set the amount of support you need for your individual comfort. Hidden inside the driver's or the passenger's seat, the Lumbar Support System provides gentle extra pressure behind your lower back - at your command. Just touch the switch, mounted conveniently on the seatside or the center panel.

The perfect accessory for the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain.

Comfort Alert In-Seat Massage...

In-Seat MassageDrive and Like It!

It's a fact of life that many of us spend a lot of time in the car. From running errands to commuting to work. Long drives can fatigue the driver and restrict blood flow to the lower back and legs. Relaxor is here to make your driving experience a comfortable one by installing vibrotactile massage and heat into your seat. The vibration of the massage reduces muscle tension, promotes blood circulation and promotes a comfort level never attainable in an automotive seat before.

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